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made by afghan women

How can we support Afghans so they are not aid dependent in the long term? One answer is by creating sustainable livelihoods and finding markets for their work. Afghanistan is known for its rich culture, history and exquisite handicrafts, especially made by women. My goal is to transition Afghan women from what I call #AidtoTrade. I have been working with Afghan women (connected with Nooristan Foundation’s women’s entrepreneurship program) on a signature line of crocheted bath mitts (keesah/leefs) through my brand Rumi Rose and @beautyforgoodproject initiative. The ‘Bibi Aisha’ leef collection is named after my late grandmother Bibi Aisha Noorestani because she is the inspiration behind the designs. Each leef is a work of art and employs over a dozen Afghan women. My goal is to grow the collection so that more Afghan women can work as they are paid per mitt they make. I would like to honor her and other ‘Bibis’ of Afghanistan who have passed on their time-honored talents and traditions to future generations. The collection is available on

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