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staying organized

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

How do you keep organized?  I think quarantine is the perfect time to plan, strategize, make goals, and think about next steps especially if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner. At first, I thought Covid quarantine was stressful given I had to shut down my business for much longer than anticipated, but this time has actually been life changing and much needed in that I’ve been able to refocus, recharge, and start seeing myself and things on a macro level, which is helping me tweak my branding and operations. And self awareness! Watching "Tea with Gary Vee" each morning has been LIFE CHANGING . I highly recommend you follow and watch if you can (he streams live 9 am on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube). It’s not just business advice he gives, it’s feedback that can change how you see yourself and life. I love it so much, I take notes on each episode and post it on my Twitter daily so it can help others. I feel recharged again! The old me feels back! Ready to conquer. Ready to make plans and goals again - not tired and stressed or worried about the things that clouded me just months ago. Because life is short and we should be happy and do the things we love.  And for me, I realized it’s ok that I like to do many things and tasks. I’m a serial doer and entrepreneur - and that’s ok!.  I don’t need to be defined by one thing bc productivity feeds my soul.

But keeping organized is key when you are managing multiple things otherwise it can get overwhelming. I prefer writing down notes, tasks, appointments, dreams and thoughts into separate books. There is something satisfying about crossing things off the list and visually seeing it in front of me (vs. online or phone calendar). My first one was a rainbow pocket planner with a unicorn on it when I was 8. Since then I’ve ALWAYS kept a daily/monthly planner. These are the ones I have today. The bigger notebook is my monthly calendar, then my daily notes/goals journal, a thoughts/dreams notebook and the little guy is where I break things down to daily to-do. You can’t reach your big goals if you don’t have daily action plans to reach them! #motivation

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