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afghan reality show

My personal opinion about this new Afghan-American reality show (Secrets of Sisterhood on HULU) has more to do with the overall and constant stereotypical, extreme or skewed treatment Afghans and Muslims receive in the media. The media and entertainment industries, funded by government entities to drive political or ideological narratives, will use anyone and anything to create headline grabbing storylines, controversy, chaos for ratings, money, and propaganda. I’ve seen it and experienced it with my own eyes, and it’s only getting worse with time. To my audience watching this, especially young Afghan-Americans or Muslims, open your eyes, don’t immerse or emulate things that take you off a straight path in life, get yourselves on a higher energetic level - a closer connection to our Creator. And don’t let others craft a false narrative about your identity or beliefs in order to profit or to confuse the masses.

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