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rose water mist

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Rose Water Mist by RUMI ROSE: 100% pure + natural Moroccan rose damascena water to refresh your skin and awaken your senses. ⁣

⁣use as:⁣


⁣harness the power of rose petals to tone and maintain your skin’s Ph balance. Anti-bacterial properties also helps heal skin and calms acne, dermatitis, eczema, sunburns, razor burns. Apply as a natural mist or dampen on cotton ball all over face after cleansing to freshen, hydrate, revitalize and soften skin ⁣


⁣spritz over face after makeup application to give skin dewy glow and minimize cakiness ⁣


⁣mix rosewater with Rumi Rose Organic Argan + Rose Oil Beauty Serum for a gentle and non-irritating makeup remover ⁣


⁣soak cotton pad in rosewater and place on closed eyes. it will cool tired eyes, relieve redness and hydrate the eye area ⁣



⁣spray on damp, clean hair and comb through for health scalp + hair ⁣


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